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Del Sur Tacos Opens a Third Location in North Dallas, Here's What You Should Order

Maximo, Sanchez and el Santo tacos at Del Sur Tacos in Oak Cliff
Maximo, Sanchez and el Santo tacos at Del Sur Tacos in Oak Cliff Alison McLean
Del Sur Tacos has prospered at two locations on opposite ends of Dallas: one deep in the heart of Oak Cliff, south of the Trinity River, and the other 35 miles to the north, in McKinney.

On Aug. 25, Del Sur’s third location debuts, and it neatly splits the difference between those two spots, opening on a street corner in far north Dallas. The new Del Sur Tacos is at the corner of Marsh and Rosemeade, near the intersection of two tollways and on the border with Carrollton.

Folks in the far northern suburbs and Oak Cliff already know and love Del Sur, and it is a fixture on our Top 100 Restaurants list, but to help out the new customers in North Dallas and Carrollton, I’ve prepared a handy list of my five favorite Del Sur dishes.

1. Cali burrito. Just one of the best burritos in town, period, especially if you choose barbacoa as your meat. The flour tortilla, beans and guacamole are all lovely, and the balance of ingredients is just right. You can’t miss the serrano salsa that weaves through like a spicy ribbon. This is one of the few big burritos I could actually finish without getting bored.

2. El Santo taco. One of the best tacos in town, and my takeout lunch choice on my first pandemic birthday. El Santo features a perfect balance of crispy pork, fresh chopped radishes and spicy orange salsa. Just as the salsa hits your taste buds, the radishes lift you back up again. Wonderful.

3. Mulitas. A short, squat stack of tortillas with bean and protein filling, mulitas are the snack of choice for people who understand that good food isn’t always photogenic. (Del Sur does dress them up with a drizzle of crema and a scoop of guacamole.) Grab your mulitas with carnitas or barbacoa for a super-savory, filling plate.

4. Chile relleno taco. This one is a no-brainer. Like a chile relleno? Wish you could pick it up in a tortilla? It helps that Del Sur’s version of this specialty is a great one and a favorite of Texas Monthly taco editor José Ralat.

5. Torta Cubana. There’s a whole art to a torta Cubana, a sandwich loaded up with just about everything in a restaurant’s kitchen. Usually, these tortas come with three or four kinds of meat, every veggie that belongs on a sandwich, cheese and a slathering of beans, though specifics vary from place to place.
Sometimes they’re humongous and get overwhelming, but sometimes they don’t go quite crazy enough and become a letdown.

If Goldilocks were a sandwich enthusiast, she would pronounce Del Sur’s version just right.

There have been big changes to the Oak Cliff location during the pandemic, too, by the way. What was a counter service operation now has servers who come to your table, and a backroom bar is open now, too. For Del Sur, this is shaping up to be a big year.

Del Sur Tacos, new location at 19059 Marsh Ln. #100, opens Aug. 25
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