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Donald Trump Jr. Tried to Come for Erykah Badu, and Michael Rapaport Isn’t Having it

When Donald Trump Jr. came for Erykah Badu this week, Twitter wasn't having it, least of all actor Michael Rappaport.
When Donald Trump Jr. came for Erykah Badu this week, Twitter wasn't having it, least of all actor Michael Rappaport. Mike Brooks
Donald Trump Jr. is no stranger to backlash, but the ex-president's son really angered twitterfolk this week when he tried to come after music royalty.

On Monday, the former First Brat shared a photo on Twitter comparing neo-soul superstar and Dallas native Erykah Badu to a photo of Dave Chappelle dressed as ‘80s music star Rick James, presumably because she was wearing a head piece.

The caption on the tweet said “Who wore it better? #ObamaVariant #ObamaBirthdayBash.”

The hashtags referred to the 60th birthday party for former President Barack Obama, which took place this Monday at his Martha’s Vineyard estate and was attended by Badu and other stars.

Conservatives such as Sean Hannity criticized Obama's event this week as “hypocritical,” while Donald Junior decided to try a stab at humor. Instead, he shot himself in the face. Twitter was happy to let him know he failed, roasting him and his family and asking what exactly he was criticizing about Badu's appearance when his little mouth constantly looks it's about to develop hemorrhoids.

The biggest response came from actor Michael Rapaport, known for his roles on Prison Break and Friends and most recently for his viral videos criticizing former President Trump, who went off about the tweet in a video he shared on his Instagram account.

“You fucked up now dick stain Donald Trump Jr.,” he began. “You’re comparing Erykah Badu to Dave Chappelle as Rick James?”

“Are you fucking crazy? Have you looked at your mom?” Rapaport continued, as the video showed a photo of Ivana Trump. “Have you looked at your chick Kimberly Guilfoyle with the muscle face — Botox to the nines?

“Your girl Kimberly is younger than Badu and looks 24 years older,” he added, before reminding Junior of of the other women in his life including his sisters and stepmother.

Rapaport tagged Badu in the caption: "Dikcstain Jr. aka @donaldjtrumpjr you're out here talking shit about the incredible @erykahbadu when your girl has a chin like a Rock Em' Sock Em' Robot?! You and your whole crew is straight gahbage! Didn't your organization steal money from kids animal?"

Badu did not reply to either post, nor to our request for comment, but she did leave a set of laughing emojis on her friend RobFree’s Instagram post, where he'd shared Rapaport’s video.

The singer might be too busy with some highly personal business — specifically, selling her own brand of incense, which smells like Badu's vagina.

On Tuesday, the singer posted on Instagram that she was “putting up 500 boxes of Badu Pu$$y Premium incense” on her online store badumarket.com, "cause you deserve it."

Donald Trump Jr., of course, does not.
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