Delicious Eats from New Ngon Vietnamese Kitchen in Lowest Greenville

By Kathy Tran

Ngon (pronounced similar to "nawn") is the Vietnamese word for “tasty,” specifically regarding succulent or delightful food. Located in what was formerly…

Al Biernat's Unveils New Interiors

By Kathy Tran

With over $4 million in renovations, the new Al Biernat's at Spring Valley is drop dead gorgeous. With open air dining, lots…

Pilikia Livens Up the Dallas Tiki Scene

By Kathy Tran

The new tiki inspired bar Pilikia on it's soft opening night on Thursday, January 26, 2017 and Saturday, January 29, 2017 during…

Hide: Cocktails Clarified

By Melissa Hennings

 It was a packed house at the grand opening for Hide in Deep Ellum Friday night.

Scenes from RBC's Grand Reopening with Bobby Sessions

By Roderick Pullum

RBC celebrated the second installment of their reopening on Saturday, January 30, 2016. The former punk rock haven known as Red Blood…